Cruising and Lake Eva

Jun 07, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

This morning we woke to remarkable views across the inlets of the Chatham and Peril Straits. We anchored in Hanus Bay off Baranof and Catherine Island. The tide was very low, leaving a large expanse of mudflats exposed – a choice setting for shore operations.

The weather was 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the day filled with sun, and conditions ideal to explore the area’s forest and lagoons. The sightings of birds, jumping fish, and sunlight instilled a new sense of adventure in our guests. Guests had the opportunity afterward to kayak the wonderful lagoons and explore several hiking trails within the nearby forest. Kayakers enjoyed stunning views and the occasional harbor seal as they rested on the surface of the water. Hikers immersed themselves into the gorgeous environment and experienced the lifecycle of the native salmon.

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Nick Brown


Born and raised on the edge of the Mojave Desert, Nick was accustomed to hot dry days, far from the ocean. Everything changed when he attended California State University Monterey Bay, a short 1.5 miles from the beaches of Central California. This is where Nick’s passion for the water developed and completely engulfed his life. He quickly changed his concentration in college to Marine Science, allowing him to further dive into the underwater world.

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