Korcula, Croatia

Jun 08, 2019 - Sea Cloud

The light southeasterly breeze offered a great morning sail from the island of Mljet toward our next destination, Korcula. Once home to a prosperous shipbuilding trade, the island was covered with dense forests of Aleppo pine, cypress, and oak. Now Korcula is famous for outstanding white wines produced from the limestone soil and local vineyards. The town of Korcula claims to be the birthplace of Marco Polo, the greatest medieval traveler whose alleged birth house can be visited today.

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About the Author

Patrycja O'Brien

Assistant Expedition Leader

Patrycja O’Brien was born and raised in Poland, when the borders during the communist time where still closed and travelling was only a dream that could never come true. So following her interests in biology and biochemistry she earned a Master’s degree in biotechnology and also studied languages, fitness and dance. As soon as the times had changed, she completely changed her life, leaving an established carrier in logistics management of a big international company to pursue her travel inspirations, which found her working for a few different travel companies. She lived in Egypt, Cuba and finally southern Spain. It was there that she joined Lindblad Expeditions – National Geographic as assistant expedition leader on Mediterranean and Caribbean sailing voyages in 2008. She likes scuba diving and her biggest interests are whales and dolphins so in her free time between contracts she used to work as a whale-watching guide in Baja California in Mexico.

About the Photographer

Robyn Woodward


Lecturing on expedition ships since 1996 has fueled Robyn’s passion for adventure, discovery, travel, art, and archaeology.  These diverse interests have carried her through several degrees, including a B.A. in the History of Art from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario; a B.Sc. in Conservation of Archaeological Materials from University College, Cardiff, Wales; an M.A. in Nautical Archaeology from Texas A&M; and finally a Ph.D. in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, in 2007. 

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