Lake Eva and Chatham Strait

Jun 14, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Lion

Southeast Alaska offered up the grand finale of wildlife experiences today. We found brown bears on the shore, grazing on the shoreline and hiding in the grass. Sitka black-tailed deer peer at us from the edge of the forest. Sockeye salmon started their run up the stream to Lake Eva, attracting bald eagles, fishermen, and brown bears. We cruised the shores of Baranof Island and hiked the mossy trails in old growth forest. Polar plungers splashed into icy, green waters. Bubblenetting humpback whales showed up, as if on cue, with their gaping mouths and coordinated efforts to engulf herring and capelin. More whales and more bears to follow; we just couldn’t get enough!

Southeast Alaska is an all-encompassing experience. Sounds of bird song relaxes our mind. The smell of earth and moss calms our senses. Mountains draw our view outwards and upwards.

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About the Author

Emily Newton

Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Emily was raised in the mountains of Central Oregon, where she spent much of her time on the back of a horse. Her fascination with marine science began with family vacations to British Columbia, where she explored tidepools, captured sculpins, inspected limpets, and watched resident killer whales hunt, play, and rest in Johnstone Strait.

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