Thomas Bay & Petersburg

Jun 14, 2019 - National Geographic Venture

This morning, National Geographic Venture was nestled inside the quiet anchorage of Thomas Bay, located northeast of Petersburg. This area is an excellent home to a beautiful trail system, situated in the Tongass National Forest, that allows for exploration along Cascade Creek. Early morning hikes were on the schedule at 7 a.m. for those aspiring for an opportunity to stretch their legs ashore with promises of a hearty brunch upon return. The morning’s reveille was cancelled for individuals wishing to sleep in and catch a few extra winks from yesterday’s busy day. The lush, green canopy filled with old hemlocks and spruce stands were prominent shore side as guests on board scurried about the decks anticipating their early morning forest adventure.

Once ashore, guests had an array of options for various hikes, with descriptions such as aerobic, moderate, and casual, which would encompass all desired palates for every hiking enthusiast. Each hike offered the chance to visit the lower creek waterfall, which ended up being a highlight for most during the morning. The roaring water powered its way down the rocky slopes causing a mist to plume up and over the trail, which gently blessed the faces of each passerby. If you were not awake yet, the mist, combined with the morning chill in the air, was sure to provide you with an early morning incentive.

All back aboard, the ship weighed anchor and began its short crossing over to Petersburg. As promised, a magnanimous brunch prepared by the hotel team that included salmon filets, a carving station of New York strip steak, and accompanied by a Bloody Mary and mimosa bar awaited the guests upon their return from morning hikes. The afternoon clouds eventually gave way to sunshine and blue bird skies that added contentment to the activities of muskeg hikes, dock walks (to learn about the local fishing vessels), and a handful took the opportunity to take a flight-seeing plane over the LeConte Glacier. All of this in one twelve-hour day! Let us not forget the Alaskan crab feast to cap the evening. A fine day.

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About the Author

Shawn Lucas


Shawn’s love of the outdoors began at an early age when he would play the game manhunt with his neighborhood friends in the forest behind the development they lived in situated in the tiny upstate hamlet of Wappingers Falls, New York. As long as he can remember, the forest had always beckoned and sparked a strong sense of exploration and wanderlust. 

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