Haines, Alaska

Jun 11, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

Haines is such a great little town—a classic Alaskan town with a small harbor, eagle restoration center, and quite a robust library. It also happens to be the adventure capital of Alaska, and guests aboard National Geographic Sea Bird had ample opportunities to explore it today.

It didn’t really matter whether we had rain or shine in Haines, because activities took place either way. It just so happened that the day was a bit cloudy with some moisture on the breeze. That didn’t stop people from participating in any number of activities, including biking to Chilkat Lake or taking a canoe safari there. One group climbed more than 1,000 feet toward the summit of Mount Riley, and another group stayed close to sea level and hiked to Battery Point. Some went flightseeing, others rafted the Chilkoot River. No matter what we did, we all had a truly wonderful time.

When we weren’t out exploring Haines by bike, foot, boat, or plane, we had the opportunity to visit one of several museums in town. The Haines Sheldon Museum gave us a bit of the human history of the area. For those interested in hammers, well, one of the world’s largest hammers happens to sit outside the Hammer Museum, right here in Haines! The museum itself hosts an incredible array of hammers crafted throughout history, with stories of what said hammers themselves crafted! A fun place for sure.

Our full day of events ended with a full meal: a feast of crab and ribs. We gathered around the table to eat and shared stories about the day in the adventure capital of Alaska.

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