Ucayali & Dorado Rivers

Jun 18, 2019 - Delfin II

The vast jungle is giving to us it’s very best! It’s been an amazing day since the early hours until sunset. Today we spent time exploring the shore of the Ucayali River aboard our fleet of watercraft. The forest is full of life and we have spotted several species of birds perching on treetops, and others on the pieces of wood floating along the river. This time of the year, fish are plentiful, and this abundance attracts birds from different regions in this forest.

Our morning outings were a combination of exploring on water and hiking along the river’s forested border. The highlight on the river ride was the presence of blue and yellow macaws! They were a little noisy as they were getting ready for their long journey in search of fruit in this vast greenery. During the hike, we explored the forest for first time in this season, with its giant trees and palms growing together and competing for sunlight. This is a complex ecosystem that allows animal life to thrive due to the enormous productivity. Here there is enough food for fruit eaters as well as those that feed on foliage, such as some monkeys, and there is plenty of room for those that are carnivorous, such as the many types of raptors that are active before sunrise!

In the afternoon we explored Dorado River, and this was a different story! Here we saw a small village made up of maybe ten houses, and the inhabitants are all fishermen. Everyone fishes here, from dad, to mom, and the kids. As we passed by their settlement, we had the opportunity to talk to them, and they were really cool and friendly. They explained to us the types of fish they had caught and how they would eat them. As we continued to explore the river, the sun began to set, and soon it was nighttime. This is the time when caimans come out in search of their meals. We used our spotlights to look for them, and in matter of a few minutes, we found the first, and soon they became the highlight of the outing as they appeared everywhere!

It was an amazing and memorable outing!

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About the Author

Juan Carlos Avila

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Juan Carlos was born in Quito, Ecuador. He spent part of his elementary schooling in the province of Cotopaxi, a beautiful area in the Ecuadorian Andes ringed by volcanoes. In 1989 his family moved to the Galápagos and settled in the highlands of Santa Cruz, the second largest island in this archipelago. It was here that Juan Carlos finished high school and gained his deep love for nature.

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