Haines, Alaska

Jun 29, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

There were activities for everyone in Haines. Guests explored Klukwan and the Chilkat River, or hiked the tundra or coastal trails. Some hooked a few Dolly Varden trout. There was cycling to or canoeing Chilkoot Lake, watching the locals have a beach day, or taking in Tlingit culture. And finally, rounding off the day with some finely crafted beverages.

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Sadie Youngstrom


Sadie Youngstrom is a dedicated and engaging biology field research professional with expertise in marine wildlife and experience that includes extensive data collection and analysis spanning tropical and cold/arctic environments, salt, and fresh water ecosystems. She is passionate about studying animal behavior and promoting animal welfare. Sadie has contributed to various organizations and causes; including but not limited to endangered Southern Resident killer whale, humpback whale, Steller sea lion, harbor and Hawaiian monk seal population analysis, sea bird monitoring, salmonid habitat and abundance, vessel operation, public training and education.

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