Glacier Bay National Park

Jul 01, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

We began our day by welcoming a Glacier Bay National Park service ranger and cultural interpreter aboard National Geographic Sea Bird in Bartlett Cove. Several graceful humpback whales passed the ship and curious sea otters poked their heads out of the glassy water as we made our way to view Steller sea lions and a variety of seabirds at South Marble Island. We spotted a sow and two brown bear cubs playing, mountain goats, tufted puffins, and harbor porpoises before witnessing the unbelievable river spewing out underneath Margerie Glacier. Our day in the national park ended with a hike through Bartlett Cove’s old-growth forest, illuminated by the sunset light.

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About the Author

Taylor Schobel


Growing up in Chicago, and spending her childhood summers in northwest Wisconsin, Taylor was always curious when exploring the natural world. After moving to southern Spain and traveling to places like southeast Alaska, Mexico and the Galápagos Islands, her curiosity grew, and she decided to study biology. Taylor graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.Sc. in Molecular Environmental Biology and a concentration in animal health and behavior.

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