Bogoslova Island | Petra Bay | Dezhnyova Bay

Jul 06, 2019 - National Geographic Orion

When it is light outside in excesses of twenty hours, we might as well take advantage of it. From pre-breakfast to after-dinner, exploration was conducted across a large part of the Kamchatka coastline. Early morning found us coasting by Zodiac around the perimeter of an island frequented by seabirds. After breakfast, a hike through some of the most spectacular tundra wildflower meadows ever. The afternoon was spent cruising and scouting for wildlife. Then after dinner, another Zodiac cruise that afforded introductions to the area’s walrus and gray whale communities, but that is a tale for tomorrow!

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Mike Greenfelder

Undersea Specialist

Mike learned early on that the best way to escape Ohio was to become a marine biologist.  During college at Wittenberg University he attended a semester at Duke University's Marine Lab — that time only confirmed his love for all things oceanic and maritime.  After graduation, Mike promptly moved to Catalina Island in California where he taught marine biology to school kids.  Since 1999, Mike has been working and traveling chasing his three loves: marine critters, photography, and birds.

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