Tracy Arm and Williams Cove

Jul 19, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Lion

We woke up this morning within Tracy Arm with the beautiful mist-filled mountains outside our windows. Pushing up into the ice as far as National Geographic Sea Lion could, we then dropped and prepared for Zodiac cruises up to witness South Sawyer Glacier. With goats sleeping on the hillsides and harbor seals relaxing on the ice, we watched as spectacular displays of calving ice rift and plunge deep into the fjord below. With the small bits of ice cracking and the glacier calving we shut off the boat motor to take in the sounds of pure nature and the air bubbles escaping icebergs.

After such an amazing morning in Tracy Arm Fjord, National Geographic Sea Lion motored to Williams’s Cove for an afternoon full of activities. We went on several hikes where we saw some beautiful flowers and bear scat. We also went kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding in Williams Cove.

Today truly turned out to be a beautiful day as the trip ended with a glacial bang here on National Geographic Sea Lion.

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Jared Berg


Jared was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, where from an early age he fostered a love of the outdoors, hiking and backpacking throughout the Pacific Northwest and exploring Puget Sound with his family. After high school Jared attended Washington State University graduating with a double degree in construction management and business.

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