Middle Arm, Kelp Bay

Jul 23, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

National Geographic Sea Bird arrived in Kelp Bay, where there were calm waters and sunny skies. The conditions were perfect for exploring by kayak or stand-up paddleboard, as well as for heading ashore for an exploratory walk into the forest where we spotted a brown bear grabbing a salmon from a stream! After our morning adventures, we went for expedition landing craft cruises to look for wildlife and we were so fortunate to witness a group of at least 11 humpback whales cooperatively feeding together. In the evening, we toasted the finale of our expedition with a delicious captain’s dinner.

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Lynette Noble


Lynette's love of the outdoors began at an early age with a semi-feral upbringing on her family's dairy farm in Vermont. The mere fact that she was not often allowed inside helped to foster an intimate relationship with the wild world.

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