Peril Strait and Sitkoh Bay

Jul 29, 2019 - National Geographic Venture

The first morning on board National Geographic Venture greeted us with glassy, reflective waters and an illuminated skyline as the sun peeked between the fog. A pod of killer whales helped kickstart an incredibly exciting day, which was followed by bubble-netting humpback whales in Morris Reef. We kayaked and hiked in Sitkoh Bay, where we had a wonderful encounter with a young brown bear that kept a safe distance on shore as we passed along a trail filled with banana slugs.

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About the Author

Taylor Schobel


Growing up in Chicago, and spending her childhood summers in northwest Wisconsin, Taylor was always curious when exploring the natural world. After moving to southern Spain and traveling to places like southeast Alaska, Mexico and the Galápagos Islands, her curiosity grew, and she decided to study biology. Taylor graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.Sc. in Molecular Environmental Biology and a concentration in animal health and behavior.

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