Djúpivogur, Iceland

Aug 01, 2019 - National Geographic Explorer

Although the winds delayed our arrival in Djupivogur—and thus the start of our daily activities—once we’d made our way inland, the day turned out to be a ripper. Those of us on the Superjeep tour had blazing sunshine as we traversed rough, rocky terrain to visit spectacular sites such as the Grenisgil canyon and Skógafoss waterfall. Our geologist, Andreas Madsen, had our guests bending down, inspecting the various rocks in the canyon, as he explained the geology behind their colors and composition.

Others had chosen a hike from Djupivogur, either up through the hills and a nearby forest, or toward a beautiful black-sand beach. Our guests hiking through the hills were blessed with clear skies and stunning vistas. They had to keep an eye on the ground as well—the local guide pointed out a variety of plants, herbs, and edible mushrooms along the path.

We also had the option of hopping on a bus to Jokulsarlon, the glacial lagoon filled with meltwater from Vatnajokull. As it is so close to the ocean, when this awesome glacier calves, large icebergs float out of the lagoon and wash up on the nearby volcanic black-sand beach. The sight of the dense, beautifully blue icebergs resting on black basaltic sand is one of the most truly unique in the world—and a spectacular photo opportunity. The lagoon boat tour allowed our guests to get up close to glacial ice—and even taste it!

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Rory Mulloy

Rory Mulloy

Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Rory’s underwater experiences began while working on a citizen science project in Tobago, conducting surveys of coral reefs with Coral Cay Conservation. After completing a degree in foreign languages, and returning to his hometown London, it wasn’t long before Rory felt the lure of the ocean. Thanks to serendipitous circumstances (and some words from President JFK) he soon quit office life to pursue his dream job of working with great white sharks in Australia.

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