Haines, Alaska & Lynn Canal

Aug 08, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

We sailed north up the Lynn Canal through the night and woke up near Haines, Alaska: the quaint yet surprisingly outgoing adventure capital of Southeast Alaska. We got an early start and headed out for many different activities. After a full day of fly-fishing, rafting, cycling, hiking, and canoeing, we returned to town to explore the waterfront shops, museums, and the craft beer and liquor offerings. We then returned to the ship and enjoyed views of the majestic peaks along the Lynn Canal through the dining room windows.

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About the Author

Julia Huggins


Julia grew up skiing, camping, and climbing in the mountains of Wyoming and sailing, sea kayaking, and tide pooling along the coast of Maine. She studied biology and environmental studies at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. As an undergraduate, she studied fungal ecology and soil chemistry in the Pacific Northwest old growth forests. Her work focused on how symbiotic relationships between trees, mushrooms, and soil bacteria drive ecosystem-level processes. This research in microbial ecology has brought her to remote corners of the world, including the rainforests of New Zealand, Patagonia, Ecuador, and Alaska.

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