LeConte Bay & Petersburg

Aug 22, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

This morning National Geographic Quest awoke extra early to true Alaskan overcast skies and a hint of temperate rain, perfectly overcast for our Zodiac tour of the icebergs shed from LeConte Glacier. The terminal moraine left by this tidewater glacier, the southernmost in the northern hemisphere, leaves these icebergs grounded with the tide in a beautiful ephemeral art gallery. The cloudy conditions were ideal for viewing the celestial blue within the glacial ice. Harbor seals and bald eagles peered at us as we viewed the frigid sculptures.

Following an epic brunch, compliments of our hotel and galley team, we docked in nearby Petersburg. We set out in the afternoon to explore the lovely fishing village by hiking the local bog trail, focusing on photography or learning about the fishing methods unique to this region. Those more adventurous joined a seven-mile hike up the nearby mountain trail with naturalist Rob Edwards. We concluded another amazing day exploring Southeast Alaska with a feast on some of this region’s finest local catch, the Dungeness crab, ready for our final day tomorrow.

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Family vacations to the Jersey shore engendered a deep love affair between the ocean and Kimberly Baldwin. But growing up in landlocked Pennsylvania proved challenging for a hopeful marine biologist. College afforded the opportunity to earn a B.S. in Marine Biology, work for a marine consortium in Virginia, and marine institutes in the Florida Keys and Catalina Island, California. This was followed by a master’s degree in education while stationed in Mallorca, Spain. Other employment was equally colorful. Early on, Kimberly worked for a summer in Denali National Park washing buses and backpacking 3 nights a week in the tundra and forests. She guided guests on bird and whale trips in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and taught fourth graders in American Samoa. For the past 15 years Kimberly instructed science courses at a private high school in Costa Rica; teaching: A.P. environmental science, physics, chemistry and leading marine biology students on worm digs, conchology studies, tidal pool explorations and snorkel trips. There are a few more marine biology students in college these days thanks to her classes. She is now with you and ready to share her knowledge of the briny environment.

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