Chatham Strait

Sep 01, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Bird

This very early morning, the guests aboard National Geographic Sea Bird were woken by our expedition leader with an announcement that northern lights were visible. Groggy figures stumbled out on to the decks to be greeted with swirls and flashes of green overhead This display was magical and the talk of the morning until we floated into Kasnyku Bay and sidled up to the lovely waterfall which graces the bay. Kasnyku Falls plunges from the forest above and was a perfect pre-breakfast treat. The afternoon allowed time for whale watching and a presentation by Dr. Andy Szabo, Director of the Alaska Whale Foundation, one which conducts groundbreaking research in the region while monitoring large whale migrations and behaviors. The guests enjoyed learning about the important work conducted, while then viewing humpback whales up front from the bow: What an amazing way to conclude our fantastic week together in Southeast Alaska!

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Lynette's love of the outdoors began at an early age with a semi-feral upbringing on her family's dairy farm in Vermont. The mere fact that she was not often allowed inside helped to foster an intimate relationship with the wild world.

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