Punta Pitt and Cerro Brujo

Aug 23, 2019 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we arrived at Punta Pitt after crossing for seven hours from Santa Cruz. San Cristobal is one of the oldest islands in the archipelago, located on the southeastern side of Galapagos. Time has given life the opportunity to settle here, adapting and changing through time. That’s why we have many species that are found only here like the Chatham mockingbird and lava lizards. Also San Cristobal’s location makes this island very fortunate to receive the rich waters from the Humboldt Current, and with it, lots of sea life in the area.

We just got into our Zodiacs, and the first thing that caught our eyes in the horizon was a blow of a majestic humpback whale! From a safe distance, we observed that was a mother and a calf having a relaxing time in the waters of Punta Pitt. After some time on the ocean, whale-watching and enjoying this very special moment, we had a wet landing at a sparkling green beach were sea lions rested. We continued with our hike through the eroded canons to reach a higher altitude, where the landscape of Punta Pitt left us amazed. Along this trail that looked barren and solitary, we met so much life and had incredible moments. First, we were entertained by a funny young blue-footed booby learning how to fly, meanwhile at the same time the neighboring blue-footed booby was being fed by his mother, and the challenging moment when she protected the food from the kleptoparasitic frigate bird was tense. We did not know where to look, all these fantastic actions, moments and emotions happening at once!

Cerro Brujo one of my favorite beaches of Galapagos – easily one of the best spot to land and take in all the wonderful moments we experienced this week. The powdery sand is so smooth it feels like flour, once you lay on this organic material you don’t want get up, and as you roll around you encounter the best friends you have made in the island, sea lions enjoying their existence in this beautiful paradise.

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About the Author

Paulina Aguirre


Paulina has always been connected to the Galapagos: through her grandmother, who arrived on the islands in the 1930’s, and her mother who was born on Isabela Island. Although she grew up and studied in Quito, Ecuador’s capital, Paulina spent almost every holiday in Galapagos visiting her family. She graduated with a degree in early childhood education, in which she worked for a short time.

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Rodrigo Moterani

Video Chronicler

Rodrigo Moterani was born in Brazil, where he still lives. After spending his teen years playing with camcorders and VCRs, Rodrigo ended up working in the field of television journalism and video production in his home country. He graduated with a degree in communications in 1997.

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