Kangaamiut, Greenland

Sep 07, 2019 - National Geographic Explorer

Our great ship, National Geographic Explorer, meandered her way into the beauty of one of Greenland’s most picturesque fjords, heading to Kangaamiut. Our morning was filled with presentations by Emmett Clarkin giving a presentation on “The Motion of the Ocean,” followed by Karen Copeland discussing “Feeding the North.” In the afternoon, guests were given the opportunity to cruise as close as possible to the calving ice of a very active glacier. The cracks and growls and roars and howls were incredible as ice fell into the ocean, delighting guests and staff alike.

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About the Author

Tua Pittman

Cultural Specialist

Internationally acclaimed as a traditional master navigator, Tua has navigated canoes across the great oceans of our planet from the coastlines of Asia through to the shores of the Americas for more than 30 years, without the use of modern instruments. This Cook Islander, also of New Zealand Maori and Tahitian bloodlines, uses an ancient navigational system based upon careful observation of celestial bodies—sun, moon, and stars—as well as using ocean swells, flight patterns of birds, and other natural markers. 

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