Green Inlet & Queen Charlotte Sound

Sep 08, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

Morning mist reveals a broadly tiered waterfall, and early risers are rewarded with a brief observation of two black bears at the edges of the cascade. Ethereal mist persists as we venture into Green Inlet for a paddle and Zodiac cruise in these placid waters. Reflections of cedar paint the still coves, and the chatter of a kingfisher brings our attention back to the boughs draped in dew. In the afternoon, Chief Mate Sean Kummer spies a peculiar creature drifting at the ocean’s surface. Expedition diver Amy Malkoski quickly identifies it as a Mola mola, or ocean sunfish. It’s fair to say that it’s unusual to see this fish in these waters, yet over the next hour of cruising two more are spotted! A breaching humpback whale rounds out our afternoon of wildlife encounters.

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About the Author

Sarah Keefer


Sarah’s fondest memories of nature and wildlife encounters are ones she has shared with friends- especially when those experiences involve birding on the bow of a ship! She is captivated by the wonders of the natural world, and it was the lure of expansive wilderness and exotic destinations that inspired her to study Wildlife Biology at both the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the University of Hawaii Honolulu. First partial to mammalian studies, it wasn’t until her first season as a field naturalist in Southeast Alaska that she truly appreciated the value of watching birds, and what they could teach us about patience, integrity and hope.

About the Photographer

Andrew Peacock

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Andrew was born in Adelaide, South Australia and (mis)spent his youth surfing and kayaking in the ocean, as is the case for many Aussies! After graduating from medical school there, Andrew spent a year working as a surgical resident in Santa Barbara, California where he was introduced to rock climbing. Taking up this new activity with a passion, he began to explore the mountainous regions of the world and volunteered his medical skills in Nepal and India where he has since led numerous treks. After documenting his experiences there on slide film, Andrew began contributing photos to what was then the Lonely Planet image library, and thus began a ‘sideline career’ using the creative side of his brain.

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