Desolation Sound | British Columbia

Sep 29, 2019 - National Geographic Venture

Our first day of the voyage dawned bright with our first wildlife sighting of the day, a humpback whale logging near the surface. Those who ventured out of breakfast in time, got a sighting before it disappeared beneath the surface to find its own meal of plankton or forage fish. The rest of the morning was spent in briefings, staff introductions, and how things work aboard the ship, while we cruised northward to our destination at the northern end of Georgia Strait. After lunch we ventured out into Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park to explore a beautiful wilderness of sheltered bays and islets by Zodiacs, kayaks and paddleboards. A few hardy travelers went ashore to bushwhack their way from cove to cove. Towards the end of the day, we cruised northward to our next destination at Alert Bay, British Columbia.

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John Pachuta


John has been interested in travelling, what can be learned from it and sharing it with others, since his days as a youth growing up in rural Ohio. A graduate of Marietta College, his first SCUBA diving course in 1980 introduced him to the underwater world, and he’s been passionate about exploring it ever since. This yearning has taken him to spectacular dive sites the world over, with extensive underwater time logged in Hawaii, the Bahamas, Thailand, Greece and Mexico.

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