Isabela Island

Oct 01, 2019 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Today we had a fantastic day on Isabela Island. In the morning we visited Urbina Bay, located at the base of Alcedo Volcano, offering a great opportunity to see the Galapagos land iguanas. Many big males warming up along the trail and even several Alcedo giant tortoises were seen. Due to the drizzle of previous days, the plants were all green and with flowers, a rare sight for this time of the year.

Later, National Geographic Endeavour II was repositioned towards Tagus Cove, a place known for Pacific green sea turtles. There was time for kayaking and paddleboarding, and several guests went deep water snorkeling. An invigorating hike to Darwin’s Lake was the perfect end to an incredible day, and our last one on the western part of the Galapagos Archipelago.

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Vanessa Gallo


Vanessa Gallo’s grandparents arrived in the Galápagos Islands in 1936, making her the third generation of her family to live and work in this magical archipelago. She left the islands for the capital city of Quito for high school, where she discovered that learning foreign languages was one of her main interests. Coming from a family of naturalist guides, it was not a surprise that she also became one at the age of 17. Vanessa left the islands once again for Switzerland, where she earned a diploma in tourism and strengthened her language skills and knowledge of the travel industry. She has also travelled extensively to destinations including as Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Canada, the Canary Islands, Mauritius, and many European countries.

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