Santiago Island, Espumilla and Puerto Egas

Nov 13, 2019 - National Geographic Endeavour II

Early in the morning, we landed on a dark chocolate beach, known as Espumilla, on the western side of Santiago Island. As soon as we landed, we could hear the Galapagos hawks that were soaring around the area. As we walked along the beach, we could see the big depressions of the greenback sea turtles nests among the bottom mangrove trees.

Nonetheless, the highlight of the morning was the juvenile hawks that were probably more curious about us than we were about them. One of the young hawks decided to sit on top of the bag of towels and inspect if he could eat one of the towels, a sandal or at least have a bite of a heavy backpack.

The kayaking session was also an amazing adventure along the cliffs of Buccaneer Cove, and for our guests that did not want to get wet, the glass-bottom boat was the best option to see colorful tropical fish.

In the afternoon National Geographic Endeavour II repositioned to Puerto Egas, where we had a magical afternoon with a few fur seals sleeping quietly on the lava grottos, and the sea lion mamas that where taking care of their little babies.

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Magdalena Terneus


Magdalena Terneus has always been passionate about nature, and an animal lover ever since she can remember.   Magdalena studied Natural Science- Biology at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship, with the idea of working as a naturalist guide in the Galapagos Islands.  After graduating from Lock Haven, she went back to Ecuador and worked in the La Selva Lodge in the Ecuadorean rain forest.   After working in the rain forest, she took the Galapagos guide course, so she could work as a guide in the Galapagos Islands.

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