At sea, en route to South Georgia

Nov 25, 2019 - National Geographic Orion

After two pretty incredible days in the Falkland Islands we have spent all of today cruising out in the Scotia Sea heading to South Georgia. Our night sailing was a little bumpy although not bad by any means. We were pleasantly surprised to find that by mid morning the sea had calmed down so that onboard we had no more than a gentle rocking of the ship – it doesn’t get much calmer out here.

A later breakfast was followed by a talk by Shaylyn Potter, one of the onboard divers, who discussed the often-overlooked world of plankton. David followed shortly after by some tips for more technical photography. Karen then spoke about the Albatross we’d seen buzzing around the ship all day and Ella finished the presentations of the day with a talk on the sad tale of whaling in the Southern Ocean. This evening has been a really beautiful sunset and the giant petrels, wandering albatross and Cape Petrels have been beautifully silhouetted against the sky.

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About the Author

Peter Webster

Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Born in Scotland, Peter became fascinated with nature and wildlife from a very young age. This early interest led to him earning a degree in conservation biology followed shortly after by an M.Sc in marine and fisheries ecology. He is currently studying for another M.Sc in digital mapping. After working as a commercial diver for several years Peter was offered the position of Field Diving Officer with the British Antarctic Survey in 2012. He then spent the next 16 months in the Antarctic, stationed at Rothera Research Station, on the peninsula where he managed the dive operations and a team of scientific divers working on a wide range of research on climate change, ocean acidification, and increased seabed disturbance by icebergs. As well as diving Peter also spent several months in the Antarctic deep field working in aircraft operations, depot laying, and meteorological work whilst living in tents in conditions below -30oC. 

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