South Plaza Island and Santa Fe Island

Dec 05, 2019 - National Geographic Islander

Two fabulous islands with a focus on land iguanas, but also so much more! South Plaza in the morning is a seabird haven. As one walks along the upper trail a few steps back from the cliff edge, all kinds of seabirds catch the updraft and fly by, almost at eye-level. Land iguanas were showing signs of courtship, head-nodding to each other and looking their best. Sea lions lined the lower shore, sleeping, nursing, barking, calling, and bleating.

In the afternoon at Santa Fe, everyone went every-which-way. Some went up the escarpment, others stayed low between beaches, some went kayaking, and some tootled around in the Zodiacs. We all saw fantastic things, from Galapagos hawks, to sharks and rays, and of course, the endemic land iguana of Santa Fe Island!

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Cindy Manning

Expedition Leader

Cindy was raised in a family that was fortunate enough to live in many different countries across the globe. During her formative years, she counted Latin America and Europe as home, with periods in-between living in Illinois and Indiana, where she attended Earlham College.

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