Bartolome and Rabida Islands

Dec 09, 2019 - National Geographic Islander

Our first outing on the second day of our expedition was to Bartolome. The hike in the early morning prepared all of us for snorkeling from the beach. The most experienced swimmers went around the pinnacle rock looking for wildlife while the beginners took to exploring along the shore. As the first couple entered the water, two penguins came by and started surfing the small waves right on the shore to catch their breakfast of sardines.

On the afternoon we visited Rabida Island, the “red island.” The first activity was snorkeling and kayaking on a calm coastal bay. The snorkeling group had the chance to swim around, and even through, a big school of salemas that had formed a ball-like group for protection. A playful sealion gave us a big show by catching the fish with great ability.

The walk after the water activities took place on the beach of Rabida. In the inside part of the trail, a brackish water lagoon can be found were flamingos were waiting for us. Their feeding habits of dipping the head in the water, gave us the chance for amazing pictures. Suddenly, a couple of these beautiful birds reproduced right in front of our impressed group! The sunset and the sea lions on the beach completed our fantastic day!

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About the Author

Ramiro Adrian


Raised barefooted in Galapagos and inspired by sea lions and many other forms of life, Ramiro started his studies in biology and environmental studies in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, capital of the archipelago, and later continued his degree on the east coast of Australia. He specialized in Environmental Communication and Conservation.

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Andres Cruz

Video Chronicler

Andrés grew up in Floreana, an island with 150 inhabitants in the Galápagos Archipelago. Living without internet, television or cellphones encourages him to become a creative observer and a nature lover. He spent most of his childhood interacting with giant tortoises, lizards, penguins, finches and other creatures while exploring his surroundings.

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