Santa Rosa and Channel Islands

Dec 13, 2019 - National Geographic Venture

On our first and only day spent in the Channel Islands we began our morning anchored at Santa Rosa Island, rocking in the wind-swept sea and watching for birds on the bow. After our morning of presentations, we motored the 15 nautical miles to Santa Cruz island in order to run operations and get a closer view of the island ecosystems. Zodiac tours took us right to the edge of the kelp forest which surrounds the nearshore rocky environment and houses a diverse array of colorful creatures. As a beautiful closure to the day, this evening was the start of an annual meteor shower that showered the sky with bright green flashes.

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About the Author

Katie Mills-Orcutt

Naturalist/Expedition Diver

Katie Mo started her career as a naturalist on Catalina Island where she taught marine science outdoor education and SCUBA diving. Her passion for conservation biology then led her to pursue a Masters degree in marine science at Western Washington University, studying restoration methods of the local pinto abalone. She has been diving around the world but some of her favorite spots include the Pacific Northwest, Mediterranean, and the beautiful kelp forests off the California coast where she was first certified to breathe underwater. It is her continued mission to educate and inspire others, and hopefully make an ocean lover out of everyone she meets.

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