Playa Blanca

Dec 24, 2019 - National Geographic Quest

On the second day aboard National Geographic Quest, we stopped at Golfo Dulce and began our day with different activities, including visits with local farmers in the countryside.

We had a chance to learn about the farming of sugar cane, hearts of palm, and chocolate at various properties. It’s clear that the Costa Rican people cherish their natural habitat and have passed on their agricultural traditions from one generation to the next. The locals believe we must preserve everything for at least seven generations. As the owner of the Golden Plantation puts it, “There is a gold on my property and I can sell it at a good price, but I want to teach my kids that the most important resource is not gold, but the green gold of the rainforest.”

Later in the afternoon, our galley crew arranged a wonderful barbecue lunch. Our local hosts also treated us to a surprise dance performance.

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About the Author

Joshua Hall


Joshua Hall was born in Panama City and raised in the highlands of the Chiriquí province.  He studied ecotourism at a university in Panama and is currently pursuing a degree in tourism business administration.  His love of nature can be attributed to a lot of time spent traveling with his mother, a nurse at the Social Security Hospital.  In 1983, a foundation called Abundant Life was created in Panama.  The foundation was made up of a group of doctors and nurses with a passion for helping those in need.  They were pioneers in going to communities in Chiriquí, sometimes hiking more than 12 miles, where they took medicine, meals, and other needed items, often opening up trails guided by the indigenous residents.  Joshua participated as a child with his mother and developed a love for nature, rainforests, mangroves, coral reefs and the indigenous communities of Panama.

About the Videographer

Eric Barnes

Video Chronicler

Eric is a native of Southern California and has been taking pictures for as long as he can remember.  He made a career as a news photographer, working for local and national news agencies.  As a photojournalist, Eric has documented some of the most important news events both nationally and around the world.  He has covered everything from the tsunami in Thailand to the war in Afghanistan and countless other compelling stories.

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