Playa Ayla on Isla Espiritu Santo

Dec 21, 2019 - National Geographic Venture

On our first day in the Sea of Cortez, National Geographic Venture anchored at the southern end of Isla Espiritu Santo, finding a comfortable spot amidst the winds. We viewed the incredible variety of wildlife of the Sea of Cortez from in the water, snorkeling along the rocks and peeking into the world beneath the surface. Among the colorful corals and fishes, a moray eel was spotted who watched us as we looked into water.

In the afternoon, a variety of hikes went out, some exploring the shore, some climbing to the tops of the hills. Complementing the corals, the flowers and fruits blooming on land at Playa Ayla were a burst of life and color. Coyote melon fruits decorated the trees, morning glories delicately wrapped around the cholla cactus, and cardon cacti covered the hillsides. After going for a hike, kayaking and swimming was a relaxing way to finish out our day of activities.

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Growing up with a large backyard, Sarah spent her childhood exploring the woods and bringing home frogs. When asked not to bring frogs into the house, she learned the difference between frogs and toads and was soon asked not to bring toads into the house either. Raised just outside of Washington, DC, she considers herself lucky to have grown up with exposure to a combination of the outdoors and the city, as it helped her pick with certainty which one she wanted to spend all her time in - the outdoors.

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