Murcielagos Islands and Playa Junquillal

Dec 30, 2019 - National Geographic Sea Lion

As part of the program for the second day, National Geographic Sea Lion made it to Murcielago Island in the morning, and after lunch to Playa Junquillal, both of them protected areas.

During the morning, we spent our time exploring the secrets of the island embarking on a black-diamond-level hike. The island´s topography gave us the shot of adrenaline we needed to get to the top of the hill. The steep trail was a challenge, but our guests were brave and strong to make it the whole way. The reward for the effort: the unique and peaceful view of one of the most remote and exclusive places on earth.

Meanwhile the snorkeling team was very busy trying to watch as many fish as they could in between the rocks formation and the little patches of coral, having the opportunity to record in a video several octopi and moray eel.

During the afternoon, we visited the oldest region in the country, driving the Zodiacs around or by our kayaks, where we had the perfect scenario to explain the land formation of Costa Rica and talked about the formation of the bridge that connected North America and South America. The geological complexity of our land is quite easy to see, where the fingerprints of our tectonic and volcanic history are in every single corner.

Today we admired where the land of the actual four percent of biodiversity of the world began.  We can just thank our guest for such a great day.

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Bryan Obregon


Bryan has been a certified guide since 2012 and a fervent environmentalist since always, which inspired him to study Natural Resource and Wildlife Management.

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