Girard Bay, Lemaire Channel, Paradise Bay & Neko Harbor

Jan 04, 2020 - National Geographic Orion

Today we started an eventful day in Girard Bay just south of Lemaire Channel with a Zodiac cruise in dense fog and calm water full of glacial ice. During lunch, we headed north, back through Lemaire, and up into Paradise Bay where we did a polar plunge amongst a few humpback whales. After dinner, we had our first Antarctic mainland landing at Neko Harbor, where we experienced a big calving event from a glacier located close to the landing site.

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About the Author

Andreas Madsen


Andreas was born in the village of Ebeltoft on the central east coast of Denmark and has spent his childhood years with the sea and open fields as neighbours. For a child of the North, fishing, bicycling, skiing, and hiking come along with your first steps and nature has always had a self-explanatory role in Andreas’ life. Between studies he left Denmark to travel and it was during his months in South America he discovered his curiosity and interest for geology. 

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