Playa Blanca, Osa Peninsula

Jan 03, 2020 - National Geographic Quest

Today we arrived to the beautiful beach of Playa Blanca and look upon the majestic scenery of this Peninsula. The Colossal National Park of Corcovado is highly protected by the surrounding towns.

We take great pride on pioneering activities with these communities that have transformed their lifestyles to bolster local conservation. They are so welcoming and take great pride in their model of sustainable tourism that includes gold panning, the farming of sugar cane, hearts of palm, chocolate production, and guided hikes into the rainforest.

These are families that share an important role in history and the future of this beautiful place: Our visit here did much to lend guests the understanding of the Osa peninsula and its people.

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About the Author

Gabriel Ortiz


Gabriel grew up in the outskirts of Panama City and became member of the Panama Eco tourism family back in 2007.  He has led many expeditions in Central America and South America working as a naturalist.  His expertise in natural history has inspired travelers to understand and appreciate travel to the neotropics, an area he considers a gift, as one of the most productive parts of the planet with vast arrays of traits and interactions among species.

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