Tonle Sap

Jan 06, 2020 - The Jahan

An intimate look at daily rituals along the Tonle Sap River:

We greeted the day with a traditional ox cart ride into rice and lotus flower fields that sparkled with morning dew. Enthusiastic children, eager to practice their English skills, shared songs and basic conversations with us at a local school. In the afternoon, we witnessed first-hand the monkey-like scaling of trees required to harvest palm sugar from the tops of the trees and the ancient techniques of pounding pottery dating back to the time of the Khmer Empire.

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About the Author

Eza King

Cultural Specialist

Eza grew up outside of Washington, D.C. with parents that encouraged her to explore the United States extensively before adventuring abroad. After completing degrees in environmental science and economics from the University of Virginia she moved into a grass hut on the edge of the Sahara desert in Senegal, West Africa to serve as an environmental education volunteer for the Peace Corps. This experience deeply influenced her perspectives on community, sustainability and hospitality, and fundamentally altered the way she approaches traveling in unfamiliar places.

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