Corcovado National Park and Playa Caletas

Jan 06, 2020 - National Geographic Quest

Today we visited the outstanding Corcovado National Park – one of the true gems in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. We first dropped anchor in Caletas beach, and in no time after we landed guest ashore, we saw a troop of white-faced Capuchins monkeys graciously swinging between the trees in front of the property on which we walk.

We had guests taking the power walk that covered the better part of four miles. In addition, we offered a forest hike and perimeter walk, each allowing great exposure to the coastal habitat and the rainforest respectively.

We got back and had lunch in the boat, we reposition in the San Pedrillo station later in the afternoon, and we offered two activities the waterfall hike and the Pargo trail that is a flat walk and both trips paid off. We got to walk through the beautiful mature old growth forest, and they were sightings of mantled howler and spider monkeys which makes three of the four monkey species inhabiting Costa Rica: not a bad way to begin our adventure aboard National Geographic Quest.

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About the Author

Gabriel Ortiz


Gabriel grew up in the outskirts of Panama City and became member of the Panama Eco tourism family back in 2007.  He has led many expeditions in Central America and South America working as a naturalist.  His expertise in natural history has inspired travelers to understand and appreciate travel to the neotropics, an area he considers a gift, as one of the most productive parts of the planet with vast arrays of traits and interactions among species.

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