La Paz, Mexico

Jan 07, 2020 - National Geographic Venture

Today was the first day of our expedition. With the help of one of our favorite local La Paz vendors, we had an incredible experience here in the Sea of Cortez. We joined FunBaja on two of their vessels and went to a sea lion rookery to go snorkeling for the first time! Along the way, we stopped at a tiny island inhabited entirely of sea birds.  After our adventure with FunBaja, we boarded National Geographic Venture and set sail to watch for marine life as we head to our next destination, eager to see what is in store for us tomorrow.

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About the Author

Alex Joseph

Video Chronicler

Alex was born and raised in Alabama. First living in a state park on the Tennessee River then growing up on Alabama’s white sand beaches, he has always had an affinity for nature and wildlife. Alex started his professional career while studying film at the University of Alabama. Working as a news cameraman, he covered President Obama’s inauguration and received three Associated Press awards. After graduating, Alex left news to enter the documentary world. Shortly after, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill happened, and he moved back home to Gulf Shores to document the tragedy for the city. This led him to Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic with whom he has traveled around the world, chronicling the adventures of these once-in-a lifetime trips.

About the Videographer

Ashley Karitis

Video Chronicler

Ashley was raised in the foothills of the Cascade Range in Central Oregon. After childhood careers in ski racing, equestrian sports, classical piano, and summer jobs on a dude ranch, she emerged as a unique hybrid of adventuress, hobby farmer, and storyteller. 

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