Española Island

Jan 13, 2020 - National Geographic Islander

Today we explored the magical island of Española. It was full of endemic species particular to this island, like the acrobatic lava lizards jumping from rock to rock, the curious mockingbirds and the Española ground finches. We also spotted friendly juvenile sea lions, Galapagos hawks, Christmas iguanas and even the waved albatross! Walks and underwater excursions led by our naturalists and photographers made this day in the islands one to remember.

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About the Author

Anahí Concari


Anahí grew up in a small house by the beach in the Galápagos Islands. Along with her best friend, she used to wander during the days around mangrove trees, becoming a different animal every day. She used to camp on solitary beaches, snorkel with sharks, dive with her uncle, a local dive instructor, and sail around the islands with her free spirit neighbors, learning about nature with her own hands, eyes and ears.  

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