Coiba Island, Panama

Jan 09, 2020 - National Geographic Quest

Our first day in to Panama what a terrific day we had. This morning we had the privilege of exploring the island of Coiba, which was converted to a national park in the 1990s from its original use as a penal colony for the better part of a century.

The island is not only protecting portions of the tropical rainforest but some of the best coral reefs of this site of the world.

All morning we explore some of the trails of the island and took many swim and snorkeling trips of the beach of one little inlet known as Granito de Oro.

After our morning at Coiba, we started our cruise to the Gulf of panama on our way to the Panama Canal.

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About the Author

Federico Chacón


Federico Chacón, or “Fico” as he is better known by his friends, started guiding one-day nature tours on weekends and holidays at the age of 18 right at the time he started studies at the University of Costa Rica. It was just a part-time job, that was mainly his brother’s idea, but little by little it grew to become his career and his passion. 

About the Photographer

Carlos Calvo Obando

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Carlos is a freelance wildlife photographer and photography instructor from Costa Rica. Passionate about travel and education, he also works as a certified naturalist guide on the beaches, jungles, and mountains of that beautiful tropical paradise. With 20 years of experience leading groups and making images and portraits of Costa Rican creatures and landscapes, he loves to share his knowledge and tricks with enthusiasm, simplicity, and a good sense of humor.

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