Clavero Lake and Supay Creek

Jan 13, 2020 - Delfin II

Today we began our exploration of the Amazon along the Ucayali River, a major tributary of the Amazon River. The first point along the river is called Clavero Lake, which is an oxbow lake formed by the main river meander over several decades of erosion. In the afternoon, we continued to navigate upstream to our next destination, Supay Creek. Here our guests had their first opportunity to explore the flooded forest on kayaks and paddleboards.

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About the Author

Socrates Tomala

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Socrates was raised on Santa Cruz Island located in the heart of Galapagos Archipelago.  After a childhood filled with swimming, scuba diving, rock climbing and volunteering in conservation projects, he grew very passionate about the outdoors and the natural world. 

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