Lopez Mateos & Boca de Soledad

Jan 20, 2020 - National Geographic Venture

Conditions were pristine as we set out in search of whales in the famous Magdalena Bay. After watching a fog kissed sunrise accented by brilliant colors that can only be found in the iconic Baja coastline, coaches stood ready to whisk an excited group to the shores of this haven for birthing gray whales. Zodiacs greeted us and we loaded up prepared to witness something few have the chance to see.

Sailing conditions were perfect as we cruised along the glassy waters with spouts already visible in the distance. The sheer amount of whales in view only built the palpable excitement and crescendo in gasps of astonishment as we got close encounters with these majestic creatures. A newborn calf, only a few weeks old, was seen learning to test the waters under its mother’s watchful eye while tail flukes and spouts dotted the horizon. The power and grace at which they cut through the sea, presenting pectoral fins as if waving greetings to us, was truly magical. It was tough to pick which direction to look as we counted more than fifteen whales surrounding us on all sides and is something that will stay with this group for years to come. It is a feeling you have to experience to truly understand how seeing these whales up close will fill your heart.

After an authentic lunch at a local restaurant, we boarded coaches to return to National Geographic Venture. Upon our return, we were greeted with hot towels and the option of a delicious margarita or tropical fruit spritzer. After freshening up we all joined in cocktail hour and then an incredible buffet and shared our highlights from yet another amazing day in Baja. This has already been such a wonderful experience and are looking forward to the adventures yet to come. 
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