Playa Blanca | Osa Peninsula

Jan 21, 2020 - National Geographic Quest

National Geographic Quest anchor in front of Playa Blanca as the sun rose over Golfo Dulce. A little later and after breakfast we landed at the beach using the Zodiacs, and from here we began the exploration of the area using buses. Some visit the gold panning and the sugar mill while others visit the heart of palm plantation, the chocolate farm or simple explore some trails at Danta Lodge.

Any of the outing offer and opportunity to meet the loco and share with them. At mid-day, all came back for lunch and some children from the near area offered a beautiful dance presentation with costumes. At the end of our stay in Playa Blanca a local NGO offered a demonstration of their research with sea turtles.

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About the Author

Maguil Céspedes


Although Maguil was born in San Jose, he was raised in the countryside of Costa Rica, and it was this experience that provided him with a deep knowledge of and a profound love for the rural life of Central America.  It was this passion for nature that led Maguil to study biology at the University of Costa Rica, where he received his master’s degree in 2002. His thesis explored the genetic structure of big leaf mahogany, an endangered species of tree that is commercially extinct in much of Central America.

About the Videographer

Andrick Deppmeyer

Video Chronicler

Video chronicler Andrick was born in New Hampshire. Raised just a few hundred yards from the local ski hill, he was exposed to nature and wildlife from a very young age. 

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