Boca De La Soledad, Baja California Sur

Jan 25, 2020 - National Geographic Sea Lion

We started our day with another spectacular sunrise and an invigorating morning stretch with our wellness specialist Lola! After breakfast, we were on a mission to find more gray whales, and find we did. Most of the day was dedicated to whale watching and exploring the dunes, and we spotted a nice variety of wildlife, ranging from coyotes to first-year gray whale calves. The birding is always a highlight in this area as well, and we had a great time inching closer and closer to a group of great egrets working their way through one of the many tidal pools among the dunes.

Our evening was made very special with a visit from our favorite local band, Los Coyotes de Magdalena. They took cocktail hour to the next level and even came back for another set after dinner!

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Jared grew up in the Carolinas with a passion for exploring the natural world. He has always felt most at home in the great outdoors, and there is nothing he enjoys more than sharing these experiences with others. His enthusiasm is contagious and being able to help others have similar experiences through his work, is nothing short of a dream come true.

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