Clavero Lake/Flor de Castaño/Supay Creek

Jan 20, 2020 - Delfin II

We arose bright and early for our very first excursion into the Amazon, and it was like someone had put in a request to the dolphins. Pink and gray dolphins appeared in abundance as we entered the Flor de Castaño, feeding and courting. Our day would be full of bird and other wildlife sightings as we explored deep into an oxbow lake, where the river pinched a meander as it shifted course over the years. Later in the day after several aboard enjoyed a kayaking exploration, we ventured into Supay Creek. We looked for elusive pygmy marmoset monkeys, the smallest in the world, and were treated to a rare sighting as a little group of monkeys licked sap from a tree. Our day was full of such creatures as sloths, yellow-headed caracaras, osprey, cormorants feeding and black-collared hawks and even a paradise tanager. The day proved to be but an appetizer for all the wonders yet to come.

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About the Author

Morgan Heim

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Wildlife photojournalist and filmmaker Morgan (Mo) Heim raises a camera for one purpose – to capture moments in an animal’s life that will make us consider what that life means. Inevitably, those stories involve people as much as wildlife.

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