Belluda Caño and Rio Zapote

Jan 21, 2020 - Delfin II

We awoke to cool temperatures and what, at first, we thought would be a rainy day. But the rain of the night gave way to comfortable and clear conditions as we began our exploration of the Belluda Caño Creek. Almost immediately we were greeted by the sounds of monkeys, spotting both Isabel saki monkeys and saddle-backed tamarins within the first stretch of creek. All sorts of wondrous creatures foraged and perched in the treetops. It is a time of abundance for food and courtship. We even got to see a ringed kingfisher spread his wings as he tried to woo a female.

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About the Author

Morgan Heim

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Wildlife photojournalist and filmmaker Morgan (Mo) Heim raises a camera for one purpose – to capture moments in an animal’s life that will make us consider what that life means. Inevitably, those stories involve people as much as wildlife.

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