Pacaya and Dorado River

Jan 22, 2020 - Delfin II

This morning was the earliest morning of all, but it was for good reason. We had a long skiff ride to get into the heart of the Samiria National Reserve, the most protected part of the Upper Amazon here. We were on our way to have brunch at the reserve headquarters. On our way we took advantage of wildlife sightings and navigated the ever-changing river waters as floodwaters push carpets of water lettuce and water hyacinth around the waterways. At one point we had to take a shortcut because the river had gotten so choked up with the floating vegetation, which hides more treacherous objects for our boat’s propellers, logs. Our day was to be a full one, including partaking in the infamous Amazon plunge and looking for caimans along the Dorado River at night.

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Morgan Heim

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

Wildlife photojournalist and filmmaker Morgan (Mo) Heim raises a camera for one purpose – to capture moments in an animal’s life that will make us consider what that life means. Inevitably, those stories involve people as much as wildlife.

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