Chinese Hat and Sullivan Bay

Jan 17, 2020 - National Geographic Islander

Today was a fantastic day in Chinese Hat and Sullivan Bay, one of the most amazing places in the Galapagos! We started with an early walk along the dramatic landscape of the Chinese-shaped volcano, and among colonies of charismatic sea lions, lava lizards and Sally Lightfoot crabs. In the afternoon, we hiked on the otherworldly lava flows of Sullivan Bay. It’s always so amazing to see people on this terrain – it’s as if one is walking on another planet. Dramatic pictures and excited exclamations were the close to another day in the Enchanted Islands.

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Lucas Bustamante

Photo Instructor

Lucas Bustamante has been bitten by countless snakes, dived with whale sharks, lived with Amazonian indigenous tribes and chased by elephants. Since he was a child, he grew up around the Ecuadorian outdoors and later became a passionate biologist and a conservation photojournalist.

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