Boca de la Soledad, Baja California Sur

Jan 30, 2020 - National Geographic Sea Lion

Morning rise with a delightful stretch session guided by our wellness specialist Lola in a calm morning anchored near the Boca de la Soledad, or “Solitude Mouth,” where the Margarita Island ends in the north and communicates the Bay with the Ocean.

Some started preparing to go to the first whale-watching trip of the day, while others stayed aboard to know more about the diversity and wonders that the Baja Peninsula has with some local insights I prepared for our guests.

Out in the water, our guest speaker from National Geographic, John Francis, had the fortune of spotting a gray whale’s placenta, indicating that a calf was born inside of Magdalena Bay.

Walking along the majestic dunes of the north part of Isla Magdalena was something that will stay in the memory of our guests by their uniqueness and proximity to the mangrove ecosystem, as well as the numerous tracks of coyotes found in the muddy basins.

The cherry on the cake for this wonderful fourth day of our journey was the company of Los Coyotes, a local musical duo from Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos that played the Mexican classic country “rancheras.”

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I was born and raised in an organic farm by my hippie family in the tropical jungle of Comala, in the central-western Pacific region of Mexico where I had nature surrounding my home with all sorts of birds, reptiles, of spiders and insects roaming freely. My parents taught me the basis of understanding how the ecosystem works, the life cycles of different species and how each organism has its different needs to flourish. Within that dense green vegetation I cultivated my love, interest and passion for the natural world. 

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