Boca de la Soledad | Hull Canal | Sand Dollar Beach

Feb 08, 2020 - National Geographic Sea Lion

The day started off earlier than normal with a very thick fog around our ship, that even to our local pangueros it took them time to be able to find it. The first group going whale watching went south, deeper into Magdalena Bay, because the fog was expected to clear in that area, which it did. Several whales were spotted in the very calm waters of the bay. For the second group of whale watchers, the direction taken was north, towards the “Boca de la Soledad.” There we found a mother whale with its calf that we hung out with for a while and then headed out of the bay. Many other whales were seen there blowing, spy-hopping and breaching, until the thick fog came back again and forced us to go back to the ship where an abundant brunch was awaiting.

The anchor was lifted, and we made our way back through the Hull Canal, surrounded by its beautiful landscapes of mangroves and sand dunes where hundreds of different birds can be seen, from gulls to cormorants, to pelicans and terns.

After the canal, we stopped at Magdalena Island to go to the Pacific Ocean side to Sand Dollar Beach where some went to do nature hikes, others rode the fat tire bicycles and others just went their own way. Later on, we were shuttled back aboard and continued our journey south to Almejas Bay where we will anchor and spend the night.

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Paulo Gomez


I was born and raised in an organic farm by my hippie family in the tropical jungle of Comala, in the central-western Pacific region of Mexico where I had nature surrounding my home with all sorts of birds, reptiles, of spiders and insects roaming freely. My parents taught me the basis of understanding how the ecosystem works, the life cycles of different species and how each organism has its different needs to flourish. Within that dense green vegetation I cultivated my love, interest and passion for the natural world. 

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