Bahía Almejas and Isla Santa Margarita

Feb 09, 2020 - National Geographic Sea Lion

After breakfast passengers and staff boarded pangas to embark on day one of whale watching in Bahía Almejas. A stop at a mangrove forest offered very special close up views of nesting frigate birds, cormorants and several other avian species. Whale watching was truly exhilarating; gray whales in every direction spy-hopping, breaching and diving. After that we landed on Isla Santa Margarita for naturalist walks, kayaking, a beach barbecue, and a full moon hike. Another fantastic day in Baja California Sur.

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About the Author

James Ramsdell

Naturalist/Certified Photo Instructor

From a young age James has had a passion for science and exploration. Growing up on the coast of Massachusetts with regular trips to New Hampshire's wilderness led to a love for the oceans and mountains. He earned a degree in Geological Sciences at age 21. Seeking adventure, he moved to the island of Maui. There he worked as a deckhand and naturalist for whale watching and snorkel charters. James honed his skill in photography before moving to Juneau, Alaska where he worked as a photography guide and naturalist. He has continued to work seasonally, Hawaii in the winter and Juneau in the summer for the past two years.

About the Videographer

Ross Weinberg

Video Chronicler

Born in Hollywood with a camera in his hand, Ross is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who is inspired by a good-organic-wholesome-LA-vegan cause and strives to raise awareness wherever he can through his pictures and films. While majoring in Film and Economics at the Boston University College of Communication, he learned the art of documentary filmmaking as an editor and cameraman for the Harvard-Smithsonian Science Media Group. 

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