Deception Island

Feb 15, 2020 - National Geographic Orion

Today we explored a report fjord full of glaciers! Our guests departed in Zodiacs in search of wildlife and wilderness. At the head of the fjord, a large glacier cascading into the sea welcomed us with colors of blue and white. All of a sudden a large section of the glacier broke, cascading to the ocean and sending a large wave. From a safe distance, we watched this incredible event. Later during the Zodiac excursion, we encountered three curious leopard seals. They followed our Zodiacs for some time, and at one point swam right beneath us!

In the afternoon, we visited Deception Island an active volcano that was discovered in the 1820s! Deception Island is home to one of the largest chinstrap penguin colonies. It is most famous for being a 20th century whaling station. Our guests were able to view artifacts of the station that included whalebones, housing and storage facilities, and an old whaling boat.

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About the Author

Josh McInnes


Josh is a Canadian ecologist who grew up on Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada. He studied marine biology and ecology with a focus in marine mammals, food web, and community dynamics at the University of Victoria.

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