Angkor Ban, Koh Oaknhatey, Mekong River

Feb 16, 2020 - The Jahan

On our first full morning aboard Jahan, we enjoyed a cool morning sunrise while some of us early birds participated in a Tai Chi class on the open breezy terrace deck.

After a buffet breakfast we set off into the local village of Angkor Ban. This small remote Cambodian village only recently received electricity and many of the houses remain unchanged for decades, surviving the turbulent period of the Khmer Rouge. This community rarely gets many tourists or international visitors and the locals were very inviting as we walked our way through the town, glimpsing everyday life and local livelihoods.

Back aboard Jahan we were joined by some Buddhist monks from the local monastery who gave us a blessing though chants in the Khmer language, guests and crew participated in the ceremony.

Before Lunch our photo instructor Anna Mazurek gave us an introductory talk on expedition photography and in the afternoon, we had another talk, this time by our cultural specialist Jan Nijman covering the Cambodian history and changes from Hinduism to Buddhism.

As the afternoon began cooling off, we disembarked Jahan at our new destination of Koh Oaknhatey, a small Island in the Mekong not far from the capital city Phnom Penn. A collection of local tuk-tuks, motorbikes with transport carriages conveyed us to our destination of a local silk farm. After a demonstration of the ancient craft we had the opportunity to purchase some of the silk products.

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