Îles des Saintes, French Guadeloupe

Feb 17, 2020 - Sea Cloud

One of the delights of this sailing voyage to the Windward Isles is that every island has its own personality and character. Today we visited the Îles des Saintes, or Islands of the Saints, a French Caribbean island group which remain part of France today and retain a distinctly French character. We had a beautiful morning visit illustrated in the photos here, with an opportunity for a colorful snorkel from a small sandy beach. In the afternoon we had an exceptional southward sail on a beam reach, reaching a speed of 9 knots (!) before we struck the sails at sunset for a talk about Sea Cloud’s riveting, legendary history.

We finished with a champagne reception in the original staterooms followed by Chef Giorgio’s Open House dinner to finish a beautiful day on Sea Cloud.

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About the Author

Tom O'Brien

Expedition Leader

Tom O’Brien has been leading and designing expeditions for Lindblad Expeditions since 1985. With a background in physical geography and conservation, a Bavarian heart and a Celtic soul, Tom has been one of the most passionate advocates of the expedition experience around the world for the last twenty years. Many of the local people and communities that we work with today are the result of friendships that Tom and his expedition mates developed many years ago.

About the Photographer

Susan Seubert

National Geographic Photographer

Award-winning travel and editorial photographer Susan Seubert has photographed more than 20 feature stories for National Geographic Traveler since joining the magazine as a contributor in 2004. Her subjects range from Canada to the Caribbean and Texas to Thailand. Her work has been recognized by the department of journalism at Columbia University with an Alfred Eisenstadt Award and most recently by the North American Travel Journalists Association for excellence in photography. In addition to being widely published and exhibited, she also lectures regularly about her work at such institutions as Harvard University and the Portland Art Museum.  

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